We Offer:

♥  Quilt Your Quilt Tops Sizes:

  • Wall Hanging, Baby Quilts, Twin, Full, Queen, King


  • Over All Quilting (One quilting pattern over the entire quilt),
  • Light Custom Quilting (includes 2-3 custom quilted borders),
  • Full Custom Quilting (Special decorative patterns for your quilt top)


 Sew quilt tops together

♥  Teach You How to do the Following In Classes:

  • Sewing quilt tops together
  • How to use your Long Arm Quilting Machine

♥  Design Quilt Tops for Special Occasions – Weddings – Anniversaries – Missionaries – Memories – Baby Blessings

We use an APQS Millennium Long Arm Quilting machine to quilt your tops. Our specialty is free-hand design pattern quilting. Whether it’s for your edge-to-edge quilting or full custom work, we can create patterns, and put any customized design or wording you may want on your quilt.


Service Costs:

“Overall” or “Edge to Edge” quilting is:   $.015 per square inch.

Light Custom quilting is:  $.02 per square inch which includes 2 or 3 custom quilted borders around the center of your quilts over all quilted pattern.

Full Custom quilting is: $.03 per square inch which includes all borders, blocks or special quilting desired on your quilt top.

Sewing and Quilting Service (Which means you ask me to make your quilt for you from start to finish) If your quilt takes 8 hours to design and sew together it would cost you about $160.00. Then add for the type of quilting you desire.  Please call for an estimate.

How to figure your quilting costs:

Example:                                                       Size:

Twin Quilt top                                   72 x 90 = 6480″

Overall quilting                            6480″ x  $.015 = $97.50

Light custom quilting                  6480″ x  $.02  = $129.60

Full custom quilting                    6480″ x  $.03  = $194.40

Add $3.00 – $6.00 for thread depending on how much is used for your quilting.

I can offer you your choice of batting:

Hobbs 80/20 Cotton Batting – $6.50 yd

Polyester Batting – $5.50 yd