FAQ for Quilting Services

How do I prepare my quilt top to be quilted?

  • Press and square your quilt top, be sure to cut stray threads from quilt top.
  • Trim all your outside borders and edges, and make sure all seams have been caught up in your 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  • When piecing your backing fabric trim all salvage edges and straighten the top and bottom edges for easier loading onto the quilting frames.
  • Make the backing fabric 6″ wider and 8″ longer then your quilt top.  (This insures you have enough fabric to back your quilt).
  • If direction is important for your quilt top or back, please clearly mark.
  • When choosing your backing fabric, a printed (or color on color) 100% cotton fabric that matches or coordinates with your top is preferred.  We quilt with the same thread color on the top and bottom.  Changing the thread color for your quilt costs extra.

Can you quilt for me?

Yes, we offer:

  • Overall or Edge to Edge quilting (One quilting pattern over the entire quilt)
  • Light custom quilting (Adding 2 – 3 custom borders surrounding the overall quilting center)
  • Full custom quilting (Special design quilting for your entire quilt)

How do I use less fabric for my backing?

There are several ways to accomplish this.

  • Sew long strips of fabric on either side of your full piece of open selvage to selvage fabric (your desired backing length).
  • Sew one long strip to just one side of your full piece of open selvage to selvage fabric (your desired backing length).
  • Piece your quilt back together with larger pieces of left over fabric from your quilt top. Making a scrappy look for your back.
  • Do not use Sheets for your back unless you are willing to trim off all the seams.  They do not roll on the frames well.

What types of batting do you offer and how much does it cost?

Available:       Hobbs 80/20 Cotton batting  –  $6.50 yd

Polyester batting –  $5.50 yd

How much do you charge for your thread?

$3.00 for the smaller quilts up to $6.00 for the larger quilts.

What color of thread will be used on my quilt?

Whatever color you would like.  If you need we will help you choose a color that will look best. We have a collection of over 120 different colors to choose from, or we will order you any color you may need for no extra charge.

What is the time frame for completing my quilt?

We can generally finish your quilt in around 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the backlog of quilts.  When you drop off your quilt we will give you an estimated time for it to be finished.

How do you decide what to quilt on my quilt?

We ask you what you would like, as well as look for patterns on the fabric you have chosen.  We also have several quilting patterns to choose from.

How much do you charge for Quilting?

Overall or edge to edge quilting                      .015¢

Light Custom Quilting                                      .02¢

Full custom Quilting                                         .03¢

What if I want a Wedding or Specialty Quilt?  How can I order?

Please call and tell me what you are thinking of.  We will consult together to get your desired quilt planned out.  We will help you come up with ideas for your quilt and give you an estimate of the cost .  A deposit of 25% of the estimated cost will be a down payment for the quilt at the time you order.  This helps us purchase the fabric needed to make your quilt. Your deposit will go against your quilt total.

How much does it cost if you make a whole quilt for me?

  • for us to sew the top together, take the size of your quilt and times that by .025¢.                                    Ex:  Twin quilt 72 x 90 = 6480 x .025¢ = $162.00
  • take your quilt size and times by the type of quilting desired for your quilt (shown above).                                   72 x 90 = 6480 x .015¢ = $ 97.20

Thread @    $  3.00

2 yds Cotton Batt @ $  6.50 yd

Total             $275.oo

*Cost of fabric will be added to the total cost of your quilt.

Do you have a chart with quilt sizes?

Quilt sizes can be different depending on where you want the quilt to come off the sides of the bed.  Here are a few suggested sizes:


Do you offer binding services?

Yes, for a charge of .08¢ a linear inch. (add all the side lengths and times by $.08)

What type of Fabrics do you use?

We use high quality 100% cotton for most of our quilting.  If you want a wedding quilt with Tricot fabric or any other type of specialty fabric we can do that as well.

What is your Customer Guarantee policy?

We have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. If you are not happy with our quilting, we will do whatever is necessary within reason to help you be satisfied.  I do not accept returns for cash.

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