Spanish Fork Quilting Group – Wow!

I received a phone call from Linda who asked me to come and share with her group what we are doing with our Service.  I felt very welcome and got some great quilting tips to boot!  We had a very positive response and the ladies took all the quilting kits I had available.


These lovely ladies are a fun loving group and you could tell they really cared about each other.  One of their members,Debbie, is a quilter and will be helping me with quilting the tops together that her group gets finished.  She is the first quilting recruit I have had join to help me!  Her help is much needed…I am looking for more quilters who would like to take a few quilt tops to quilt.  If you have experience that’s great… or if you are just a beginner we can teach you what you need to know to start quilting.  What a great way to learn a skill – by serving someone else!  Many hands make light work… Right?!  Here are a few pictures of the quilt tops we have pulled together so far.

Disappearing 9 patch with sashing


Hourglass 4 Patch Combo

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