The Erb’s generosity has blessed us to no end!

We had some circumstances come up that made it necessary to move locations for our Service Bee.  My husband serves with a special couple who have a large enough space for us to use in their basement.  We have been so blessed to be able to have room for our Projects.  When my husband asked if they would be able to let us use their basement – they didn’t even hesitate – but said they would love to have us come.  This has been a great blessing for us as we do not need to move our things back and forth, and the space we need to get things done is just right!

Linda & Lori
Joy & Judy

 It feels a little like Santa’s work shop!

There will be many lives blessed with the amount of quilts we are able to produce from all who have so selflessly donated their time and energy to help with this project. The fabric we are cutting out and putting into Baby or Twin size quilt Kit will be distributed to be sewn together – The finished quilt tops will need to be Machine or Longarm quilted.

 The finished quilts will then be taken to RoseAnn and Lael, who run the Launfal Foundation, to be distributed directly to those who are in such desperate need.

A huge thank you to them both for providing us with the donated fabric from Riley Blake Designs!  Such generosity has been a great blessing!!


Would you like to help?

We provide all the patterns and fabric needed – You provide your time to sew these simple blocks together.

Please call Krysti Wright 801-669-3998 for more details of how you can get your group of friends, family, ward members or fellow quilters involved to make a difference.

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