T-Shirt Quilts

Look for our T-Shirt Quilt Class coming up!





A friend told me that her sister wanted me to do some quilts for her children.  I loved how she had the ideas, even gave me the fabric and of course the T-shirts, then let me come up with the design. Her children were in Dance, Tennis, and Football.





The fabric was fleece, sweatshirt material, and minkee fabric, so when I was sewing the sashaying together, it was tricky to keep the seams lined up.  I found that if you paid attention and sewed the squares with the non stretch side to the long sashaying strips it was less likely to stretch.  I also found that when doing a T-shirt quilt if you use a stabilizing fabric- that you spray an adhesive onto – it makes sewing the final trimmed blocks together much easier.

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